The Rationally-Irrational Boston Sports Fan’s Week 6 NFL Picks

The Rationally-Irrational Boston Sports Fan (RIBSF) is better than you, and he knows it. He doesn’t need an in-depth knowledge of the NFL; all he needs is his instinct. He doesn’t need to have made picks the first five weeks of the season, because fahk you. These are his picks for Week 6 in the NFL.

Packers @ Ravens

  • Wanna know my friggin thaughts on Joe “Wah wah wah why don’t people think of me as elite” Flacco and tha Ravens? OVER RATED. Shahts. Fiyad. Go Pahk.

Bengals @ Bills

  • Sh*t game, sh*t teams. Who wants to play in friggin Buffalo in Octobah? Alls I know is if the Bengals got my boy Benjahvis Green-Ellis AKA the Lahw Firm, they’re golden.

Lions @ Browns

  • Both these scrubs’ah ovah .500? Didn’t the Lions pull an ofah once? Didn’t the Browns win five games last yeah? And don’t get me stahted with these friggin cities. Talkabout depressing. Detroit and Cleveland? Gotta be Top 3 all-time worst cities, evah. AWful game, but gotta go with STAFFAHD.

Rams @ Texans

  • As much as I’d lovtah see Matt “I promise guys I’m good” Schaub throw more pick-sixes, theyas no WAY he can be that bad, AGAIN. Tell J.J. Scumbag to skip the lettahman jackets and focus on the game. Only BOSTONIANS rock the lettahmans.

Panthers @ Vikings

  • Talkabouta dull week in football. I mean cahmon, if I’m not watchin’ the Pats game, you can find me in Charlestown with Joey, Vito, and Jimmy playing dahts at our bah, because I sure as hell ain’t watching no god damn sub-.500 matchups. Vikings because who gives a flyin’…

Raiders @ Chiefs

  • Andy Reid is a friggin Chief. See what I did there? Ya boy is friggin SMAHT.

Steelers @ Jets

  • Both these teams S-U-C-K SUCK SUCK SUCK. But I’ll give Thomlin the nahd ovah Big Bad Rex. Let’s just hope both teams put their best foot fohwahd on Sunday.

Eagles @ Bucs

  • Hypothetically speaking, if I’m a Pats fan that likes to casually root for othah teams outta pity, I’m rootin’ for the Birds. Mike Vick is welcome in my partah town ANY TIME. My treat, buddy. Just lemme know. Name the time and place – I’ll bring the brewskis.

Jags @ Broncos

  • Hey Manning: YOU SUCK.

Titans @ Seahawks

Saints @ Patriots

  • This iza tough one. The Saints are friggin good, you gotta respect the F outta Brees, and Tommy ain’t got no help out wide! But am I gonna pick against Him, at home, after a loss, and with a possible Gronk appearance? Nope. In Bill We Trust. Yo soy fiesta.

Cardinals @ 49ers

  • Whatta tough division, huh?

Redskins @ Cowboys

  • LOL. Only because the Skins are so friggin awful, but whatta stinkah for a Sunday night game. Lemme tell ya, I wouldn’t be caught DEAD watchin’ this game. Naht with the Sox in town. No sir. No how. It’s friggin Soxtober. Have you seen the friggin beards? Class. All I gotta say is this: we’re makin’ a run at the Series. And if the Sox are doing this well after last year, then even Romo can win on Sunday night.

Colts @ Chargers

  • Just when you think tha Chahgahs might be good, they friggin return to sucking. Don’t expect anything less. The Colts are real, ked.

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