#Soxtober: World Series Champions & a tribute to Pop

Why do I love the Red Sox?


Also this:

This, too:

And this:

But especially this:

Almost one year ago today, my grandfather passed away at the age of 92. Like so many other Red Sox fans of his generation, he faithfully waited more than eighty years to finally see a World Series trophy return to Boston in 2004, and then again in 2007. The last conversation I ever had with my grandfather focused on one topic and one topic only: the Red Sox, his team; the team that he supported all of his life; the team that he passed on to my father and, transitively, to me.

I was too young to truly grasp the significance of the Red Sox historic championship in ’04, and was still in high school when they won again in ’07. But tonight, as I watched the game surrounded by my best friends, all I could think about was just how special of a season this was, just how fortunate I was to have witnessed three championships in a decade, and just how much my grandfather would have loved to see the Sox hoist the Commissioner’s Trophy at Fenway for the first time since 1918.

If there is one thing that my grandfather taught me, it was this: always appreciate the life you live and savor the moments that make it special. Well, Pop, I can promise you this: tonight, I am savoring the moment – just for you.


#Soxtober. Sox in 6. The Boston Red Sox are World Champions.

#Soxtober: All Tied Up

Why do I love the Red Sox?


And this:

But especially this:

A Cardinal Sin. Pure poetry. #Soxtober.

#Soxtober: World Series Bound

Why do I love the Red Sox?


And this:

Also this (#RumbleYoungManRumble):

This, too:

But especially this:

World Series bound. #Soxtober

Wednesday Rankings: Top 5 Most Ridiculous Interviews

From time to time, professional athletes make fools of themselves. Sometimes, it’s intentional; other times most of the time, it’s just their nature. But it’s always for our entertainment. So here are my top 5 most ridiculous interviews of the past few years:


Gronk: “Yo soy fiesta:


Bryce Harper: “That’s a clown question, bro.”


Wes Welker: Putting his Best Foot Forward


Mickaël Piétrus: ???


Richard Sherman: Going in on Skip Bayless

Text Messages to Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski is a (very large) human with a cell phone so I sent him some text messages.

Me: ‘Sup, Gronk!

Gronk: yo yo yo!!!!!!!

Me: How’s the body holding up? You planning on coming back soon?

Gronk: haha, u no this kid is always ready to POUND bros on the field

Me: So… does that mean you’ll be back on Sunday?

Gronk: oh i’ll be back

Me: Perfect! I’ll plan on starting you for my fantasy team, I’ve literally been waiting all season.

Gronk: easy bro, Gronk never said he wuz playin. yo soy fiesta

Me: …

Gronk: haha who is this? new phone

Me: (o)_<


Me: Quick question.

Gronk: score

Me: … I think you mean shoot? Or go ahead?

Gronk: the kid only knows how to score. score today, score tonight bro! haha

Me: Ok, nevermind. I just wanted to ask what exactly the injury is that you’re waiting so long on?

Me: Like, is it the forearm or the back? Or your ankle from a few seasons ago? Or is it just mental?

Me: Because everyone’s starting to think you’re healthy enough to play but you’re just sitting out for selfish reasons.

GronkHonesty? You want honesty?

Me: Yes?

Gronk: Honestly, I think you’re nothing.

Me: Please don’t.


Gronk: You don’t listen to nobody man. Not even Doc or Boone. Shiver push on the line every time and you blow right past ’em. Push ’em, pull ’em. do something. You can’t run over everyone in this league and every time you do you leave one of your teammates hanging out to dry, me in particular?

Gronk: haha, Remember the Trojans sickest movie EVER

Gronk: srsly who is this? new phone


Me: You see the new reports on your situation?

Gronk: Gronk is the situation


Me: They’re saying you’re being overly cautious because of money issues, and that some of your teammates are doubting your commitment.

Me: And that you’re dominating in practice but refusing to play come game-day. What’s that about?

Gronk: booby kraft arleady told you, no one questions my passion. no comment

Me: But you just commented?

Gronk: no


Me: Maybe you could cutdown on the partying for a while, man.

Me: Take a break. Just relax and spend a night in, watching a movie or something.

Gronk: yo soy fiesta

Me: Jesus.

Gronk: is this you coach bill?

#Soxtober: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Why do I love the Red Sox?


And this:

Also this:

But especially this:

Get some. #Soxtober

The Rationally-Irrational Boston Sports Fan’s Week 6 NFL Picks

The Rationally-Irrational Boston Sports Fan (RIBSF) is better than you, and he knows it. He doesn’t need an in-depth knowledge of the NFL; all he needs is his instinct. He doesn’t need to have made picks the first five weeks of the season, because fahk you. These are his picks for Week 6 in the NFL.

Packers @ Ravens

  • Wanna know my friggin thaughts on Joe “Wah wah wah why don’t people think of me as elite” Flacco and tha Ravens? OVER RATED. Shahts. Fiyad. Go Pahk.

Bengals @ Bills

  • Sh*t game, sh*t teams. Who wants to play in friggin Buffalo in Octobah? Alls I know is if the Bengals got my boy Benjahvis Green-Ellis AKA the Lahw Firm, they’re golden.

Lions @ Browns

  • Both these scrubs’ah ovah .500? Didn’t the Lions pull an ofah once? Didn’t the Browns win five games last yeah? And don’t get me stahted with these friggin cities. Talkabout depressing. Detroit and Cleveland? Gotta be Top 3 all-time worst cities, evah. AWful game, but gotta go with STAFFAHD.

Rams @ Texans

  • As much as I’d lovtah see Matt “I promise guys I’m good” Schaub throw more pick-sixes, theyas no WAY he can be that bad, AGAIN. Tell J.J. Scumbag to skip the lettahman jackets and focus on the game. Only BOSTONIANS rock the lettahmans.

Panthers @ Vikings

  • Talkabouta dull week in football. I mean cahmon, if I’m not watchin’ the Pats game, you can find me in Charlestown with Joey, Vito, and Jimmy playing dahts at our bah, because I sure as hell ain’t watching no god damn sub-.500 matchups. Vikings because who gives a flyin’…

Raiders @ Chiefs

  • Andy Reid is a friggin Chief. See what I did there? Ya boy is friggin SMAHT.

Steelers @ Jets

  • Both these teams S-U-C-K SUCK SUCK SUCK. But I’ll give Thomlin the nahd ovah Big Bad Rex. Let’s just hope both teams put their best foot fohwahd on Sunday.

Eagles @ Bucs

  • Hypothetically speaking, if I’m a Pats fan that likes to casually root for othah teams outta pity, I’m rootin’ for the Birds. Mike Vick is welcome in my partah town ANY TIME. My treat, buddy. Just lemme know. Name the time and place – I’ll bring the brewskis.

Jags @ Broncos

  • Hey Manning: YOU SUCK.

Titans @ Seahawks

Saints @ Patriots

  • This iza tough one. The Saints are friggin good, you gotta respect the F outta Brees, and Tommy ain’t got no help out wide! But am I gonna pick against Him, at home, after a loss, and with a possible Gronk appearance? Nope. In Bill We Trust. Yo soy fiesta.

Cardinals @ 49ers

  • Whatta tough division, huh?

Redskins @ Cowboys

  • LOL. Only because the Skins are so friggin awful, but whatta stinkah for a Sunday night game. Lemme tell ya, I wouldn’t be caught DEAD watchin’ this game. Naht with the Sox in town. No sir. No how. It’s friggin Soxtober. Have you seen the friggin beards? Class. All I gotta say is this: we’re makin’ a run at the Series. And if the Sox are doing this well after last year, then even Romo can win on Sunday night.

Colts @ Chargers

  • Just when you think tha Chahgahs might be good, they friggin return to sucking. Don’t expect anything less. The Colts are real, ked.

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